Active River Cruise on the Rhône ’22

July 19, 2022 – 8 Days

Our 2022 Eight Day Avalon Waterways River Cruise

from Port-Saint-Louis to Lyon – through Provence regions of France including Cote du Rhone

Traveling 7/19/2022 (July 19, 2022)

Your Active & Discovery river cruise is full of Avalon Choice inclusions for each port you visit along the Rhône River. 

Choose the Active, Classic, and Discovery included excursions that speak to you—from casual and leisurely to cultural and active. 

In addition to classic sightseeing and relaxed free time, you can visit an oyster farm, bike through Camargue Regional Nature Park to spot flamingos, or take a painting workshop in Arles—in the style of Van Gogh. 

You’ll have the classic sightseeing and relaxing activities in each destination, along with your choice of included arts, culture, and cuisine excursions, for the French vacation you’ve dreamed of.

Take a kayak excursion or linger in a corner cafés; stroll Avignon’s papal palace or attend a wine tasting in an under-ground cave. 

Admire the lovely views of the French countryside, or join a culinary walk to discover architecture and local specialties, or take a cooking class in Lyon. 

With so many included choices, you’ll find the perfect way to spend your day—from a ghost tour in Viviers to a guided bike ride through the Gard reigion, to a chocolate factory tour. 

Our Active & Discovery Rhône River cruise with Avalon Choice includes activities and excursions to experience the Rhône River your way and at your pace.

What sets Avalon Waterways ships apart from the rest? 

Designed from the ground up, with an attention to detail river cruising has never seen before. There’s nothing quite like river cruising no matter who you cruise with, but there are some pretty big differences between companies. Starting with how they look at staterooms.

And our one-of-a-kind Panorama Suite is proof of our innovation, our imagination and our desire to create a smarter use of space. And ultimately a better experience for our guests. To give you some perspective of how much better our rooms are, we’re comparing them to the average river cruise cabin.

What can I expect with an ‘Active and Discovery’ cruise? 

Avalon Active & Discovery invites you to expand the horizons of your favorite activities with new experiences. Explore the culture, sights, and adventures waiting beyond the shore in the most active, engaged, and fun ways imaginable. Learn some of the local language—and then go try it in a café or pub. 

Take in more than the scenery by learning something new, meeting new friends, and reaching new heights. Every port gives you a world of possibilities as you interact with the locals and choose the dynamic, interactive activities that appeal to you most. It’s the Old World in a whole new way!

Itinerary at a Glance

Day 1 Port-Saint-Louis (Embarkation): Onboard welcome reception.

Day 2 Port-Saint-Louis: Choice of excursion to a local oyster farm with tasting, or scenic drive or bike tour through the Camargue Regional Natural Park.

Day 3 Arles: Choice of guided tour in Arles, meet a local bullfighter, or guided hike through the Hell Valley and visit Carrière de Lumières, or painting workshop.

Day 4 Avignon: Choice of guided tour in Avignon, or guided e-bike tour with wine tasting, or Provencal farmhouse experience.

Palace of the Popes

Day 5 Viviers: Choice of guided kayak trip down the Gorges de l’Ardèche, or guided hike in the Natural Reserve of Cirque d’Estre, or visit lock Bollène and its power plant, or guided speleological excursion with wine tasting in the caves; evening guided tour of Viviers.

Day 6 Tain l’Hermitage/Tournon–Lyon: Choice of rail-bike tour, or guided hike in the vineyards, or guided tour of Tournon, or visit the Valrhona factory and museum; onboard cooking demonstration; evening guided tour of Lyon.

Day 7 Lyon: Choice of culinary tour, or guided urban hike, or cooking class.


Day 8 Lyon (Disembarkation): Your cruise ends this morning.

Did you Know?

  • Tradition dictates that the Beaujolais Nouveau, cultivated near Lyon, is tasted for the first time on the third Thursday of November each year.
  • An ancient bust of Julius Caesar was discovered in the Rhône River near Arles in 2007. The unique statue, which archeologists believe dates back to 46 B.C., depicts the famed Roman ruler with aging features, worn eyes and a wrinkled brow.
  • In 1308, Pope Clement V relocated the papacy to Avignon. Clement V and the subsequent “Avignon Popes” were said to be great lovers of wine. The 70-year Avignon Papacy did much to promote French wine.
  • In 1750, Lyon was the silk-weaving capital of Europe, with silk weavers making up 40 percent of the city’s workforce. By 1850, the city had tripled in size, boasting a population of 340,000 people and 100,000 weaving looms.
  • In the rocky soil of the northern Rhône regions, Syrah is the dominant grape. As you travel south, more grape varieties come into play. As an example of this anomaly, Red Hermitage is generally 100 percent Syrah while Châteauneuf-du-Pape in the south permits thirteen different varieties of grape in its red wines.
  • In addition to his famous sunflower and interior still life masterpieces, Van Gogh painted “Starry Night Over the Rhône” in Arles, featuring the lights of the city blending with the stars in reflection on the river.

Pricing (ask about our $1000 per person discount from pricing below)

Prices include Free Prepaid Gratuities.* 
Based on double occupancy and availability. Call for single occupancy information.

Category E (per person)
Cruise Fare $3799
Taxes & Fees $ 296
Prepaid Gratuities FREE!
TOTAL: $4,095 per person

Category A (per person)
Cruise Fare $5148
Taxes & Fees $ 296
Prepaid Gratuities FREE!
TOTAL: $5,444 per person

Category P (per person)
Cruise Fare $5248.00
Taxes & Fees $ 296.00
Prepaid Gratuities FREE!
TOTAL: $5,544 per person

* Deposit and payments are non-refundable. Travel Insurance is strongly advised.

Prices include Free Prepaid Gratuities.* 
Based on double occupancy and availability. Call for single occupancy information.

Paris extension may be available.

Want to go? Simply complete this Secure Payment Form to authorize deposit of $500 per person . Also (if we don’t already have it) please complete this Secure Passport Form for each passenger. Questions simply call us 843-279-0310 or email .

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