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Kristen Trevey

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A little about me

I grew up in Maryland and enjoyed many family camping trips to western Maryland and nearby West Virginia. We also visited family friends in Wilmington, NC, every summer; that’s where I fell in love with the ocean. 

In 2013 I moved to South Carolina, where I studied Marine Science at Coastal Carolina University. I’ve worked many different jobs over the years, including waitressing, teaching an undergraduate lab, and helping people with developmental disabilities and mental illness. 

These disparate endeavors taught me how to work with a range of personalities as well as people’s families & doctors, to be organized, and to thoroughly research. 

Whatever I do, I strive to do well and to deliver excellent service to my clients. 

Just after high school, I traveled internationally for the first time to Italy (Rome, Florence) and Vienna, Austria. 

These trips were life-altering. I was dazzled by the ancient architecture, beautiful paintings & sculptures, and yummy food. I even flew home from Vienna with a box of pastries stashed under my airplane seat! 

Over the following years I got my scuba certification and went on freshwater and saltwater dive trips to Florida. 

My hobbies include kayaking, hiking, biking, and camping in different national & state parks in the U.S. Living through covid has made me appreciate our national wilderness treasures more than ever before. It also reinforced that life is short, and why was I waiting to do more traveling around the world? 

In the summer of 2019 I renewed my expired passport and went to Cancun, Mexico, with a group of friends. We had a blast! 

In September 2020 I visited Roatan, Honduras, for a scuba diving trip. We were able to pull it off despite the uncertainty and hurdles of the global pandemic. Over the past few months I’ve gotten into ocean kayaking, and I met Troy, who suggested that I would be a good addition to the team at MGA Travel. 

I look forward to expanding my travels and going to new destinations: trying new foods, learning about local cultures, and just immersing myself in the experience. The best observation I’ve heard about cruises or cross-country train trips is that you get to see so many more locations than on a regular vacation. 

I look forward to helping my clients design their dream vacations and visit their favorite destinations, wish-list locations, and places they might not even have thought of!

Kelly is part of the A-Team.  You can set an appointment to talk travel with Kelly here.
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