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Our Team

This agency is built on an A-Team of experienced, award-winning professionals who share a passion for travel and excellence.

From left to right: Joan, Peachey, Troy, Kelly, Michael, Jane, Tom, Marge, Elyse & Jody

The MGA Travel Team share these core beliefs:


Deliver well on our promises, meet our obligations, and exceed expectations.


Travel is an investment and we help our clients invest wisely. Our Travel Investment Advisors care about our clients and want to help them become travel heroes by providing them expert advice on funding bucket lists with nest eggs.


Add peace and harmony to the world one traveler at a time.

Every Member brings their own expertise.

Click on the agents name and find out more about their experience and favorite travel destinations.

Troy Montenery

High End Travel 843-279-0310

Tom Mugno

Travel Clubs 843-279-0310

Jane McDonagh

Family Travel 843-279-0310

Kelly Graham

Culinary Travel 843-385-0246

Elyse Monroe

General Manager 843-279-0310

Peachey, Joan, Marge, Jody

Reception/Admin Team 843-279-0310

Michael Graham

President, Group Expert & Luxury Specialist 843-279-0310

Unlike Orbot, the MGA Travel Team takes pride in:

Bon Voyage, Travel Hero!

MGA Travel COVID19 (Corona Virus) Statement & Updates 
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*Please note that in some cases we charge a planning fee for completely custom designed itineraries that are not otherwise part of a cruise or tour. In such cases, we would advise you that you would incur a fee if you still wish to proceed. Agency Cancellation Fees of $100 per person for 1st and 2nd passenger, and $50 per person for each additional passenger on the same reservation applies to cancellations. Please note: Agency Cancelation Fees may not be covered by some insurance premiums. Additionally, credit card chargebacks will incur a $150 fee, per occurrence, for chargebacks relating to correctly planned and client authorized application of funds for travel which has been deposited, or those after deposit whereby interim payments have been applied after deposit, and those paid in full.

When booking separate airfare that is not provided by a tour operator or cruise line, we charge a ticketing fee for international air of $100 per person and domestic air fee of $30 per person and $50 per person for Hawaii & Alaska. The fee will be waived if booked as part of a supplier package. Please note that travel suppliers may have ticketing, deviation, custom air, or stopover fees.

Before booking any international air we require copies of your passports. Cancelling a scheduled appointment is fine but no shows will incur a $50 fee.

MGA Travel only recommends select properties at all-inclusive resorts, please check with an advisor.