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Packing Tips

We often have destination specific tips as well, so please ask!

Bring your ID

  • For International travel bring your Passports and also bring a copy of your passport.
  1. You may need a VISA for certain destinations; usually obtained well in advance
  2. You need 6 months validity on your Passport from your return date
  3. You must have at least 3 unused pages for stamps
  • For Domestic travel bring your REAL ID (Drivers License with a Gold Star) or Passport
  • For Cruises that leave and return to the USA with stops in other countries: we strongly recommend bringing your passports. While you may technically be able to travel with a raised seal birth certificate and REAL ID, it is not recommended

Some other items to put in your Hand Luggage (including ID & Money listed above) 

  • Bring a copy of your vaccinations & immunizations (some countries may require a Yellow International Vaccination Booklet)
  • Bring copies of prescriptions or photos of medicine bottles in case you need emergency refill
  • Actual prescription medications and/or medical devices
  • Bring your travel documents, boarding passes, itinerary, & vouchers

Exercise Extra Caution

  • Don't put your wallet in your back pocket
  • Wear purses / bags cross body
  • Don’t hang your purse on your chair in restaurants
  • Be extra careful in crowded areas
  • The night before you leave your room, put one of your shoes in the you remember to empty it!

Money Concerns

  • Bring an ATM card but only use it for ATM withdrawals (do not use it as a debit card or in place of a credit card)
  • Bring at least 2 credit cards in case one is lost or stolen, or one becomes unusable
  • Notify your issuer you will be traveling so they don’t think it’s fraudulent purchases (Amex is exempt)
  • Make sure your issuer doesn’t charge an international transaction fee (ask)
  • Bring USD cash and small denominations of local currency of your destination
  • Once in your room, put an extra credit card, reserve money, jewelry, valuables, and passports in the safe
  1. Carry the other credit card(s), drivers license, small amount of money, and a copy of passports when traveling off ship or off property

Clothing Suggestions

  • Roll non hanging clothes & use "packing cubes"
  • Pack nicer clothes as an “outfit”: place a set of pants, shirt, jacket on a single hanger & cover with dry clean clear plastic bag (the way dry cleaning is returned)
  • Bring less than you think you need and use onboard or local laundry service
  • Bring items that are easy to mix & match; ladies can bring scarves to change accents of a black dress or outfit - men can bring a sportcoat to dress up any outfit
  • Even if expected to be warm, bring a waterproof windbreaker that is easy to roll up
  • For very cold/wet weather (Alaska, Antarctica, etc) try to use synthetics or wool, and wear layers as needed.
  • Bring a good hat for sun protection
  • Bring items you can wash & wear (quick dry synthetics that can be hand-washed in the bathroom)
  • Bring comfortable footwear with a closed toe and good tread
  • Bring a very small purse for evenings on cruises
  • Bring an inexpensive "backpack" for daily excursions to carry water etc
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*Please note that in some cases we charge a planning fee for completely custom designed itineraries that are not otherwise part of a cruise or tour. In such cases, we would advise you that you would incur a fee if you still wish to proceed. Agency Cancellation Fees of $100 per person for 1st and 2nd passenger, and $50 per person for each additional passenger on the same reservation applies to cancellations. Please note: Agency Cancelation Fees may not be covered by some insurance premiums. Additionally, credit card chargebacks will incur a $150 fee, per occurrence, for chargebacks relating to correctly planned and client authorized application of funds for travel which has been deposited, or those after deposit whereby interim payments have been applied after deposit, and those paid in full.

When booking separate airfare that is not provided by a tour operator or cruise line, we charge a ticketing fee for international air of $100 per person and domestic air fee of $30 per person and $50 per person for Hawaii & Alaska. The fee will be waived if booked as part of a supplier package. Please note that travel suppliers may have ticketing, deviation, custom air, or stopover fees.

Before booking any international air we require copies of your passports. Cancelling a scheduled appointment is fine but no shows will incur a $50 fee.

MGA Travel only recommends select properties at all-inclusive resorts, please check with an advisor.