The Outlander Society – A Member’s Perspective

Who we are

We are a happy group of explorers who enjoy traveling places together, forming life-long friendships.  We started in 2015 with about 18 members..  We are still together, crossing off our bucket lists,  and finding new friends along the way.  We have since grown to more than 50 members. Although we do not always go on the same trips, we always look forward to seeing each other on the next one. The Outlanders are country-wide, representing states across the country.  

I’ve been all over the world with the Outlanders. Making new friends on each trip while enjoying old friends from previous voyages. Networking about best places to go in the world while sharing the trip we are on. The Outlanders Group has provided ease to my travels!


Why travel together

The trip at the airport where several others are gathered. .  It continues as we gather on board for our group information talks,, meals, playing cards, meeting at the bars, and all the various excursions. It is always nice to meet new people on your trip, but so good to know your friends are there with you enjoying each experience. 

“Traveling with The Outlanders is a trip I always get excited about. Michael Graham and his team have done a great job of selecting amazing journeys. And, over time, The Outlander Group has become like a family….we always look forward to seeing each other and catching up on what each other has been doing. As a solo traveler, Michael has done a wonderful job in selecting other solo Outlanders to be my roommates. And, as an Outlander, all of the trip planning is done for you ahead of time…. airfare is selected, excursions are planned, transfers from airport to hotel and/or ship are arranged. I would recommend The Outlander group to anyone who is looking for an interesting, dynamic travel group! We only have 2 rules: No grumpy travelers and no discussion of politics!”   


“Time Travel – So much about travel is really about time – when does the train-bus-ship-airplane-taxi-pedicab, leave? When/where do we eat? When do “I” have to be somewhere?  Wouldn’t it be nice to use your limited travel time for enjoying the trip instead of fumbling with the logistics of travel. 

“One can not do better traveling with professionals that take care of the details.  This makes travel easy, fun, and informative.  Michael’s group Outlanders has always been a great and fun way to travel.”


That’s what the Outlander Society is all about. They take care of the large and small details while you travel with a group of friends at your leisure. And an added bonus is that those friends must pass two easy requirements to be part of the group: they can’t be grumpy and they leave their politics at home. 

“Outlanders: For years we used to try to plan a nice vacation and the first dilemma hit us—“where should we go?”. The second dilemma – “ where should we stay?” the third- “ do we do the research and planning on-line, or find a travel agent to do it?.- the fourth “what airlines do we use, and who has best deal?.- the fifth “ where do we stay, what side trips are available, etc., etc. etc. Not to mention, who’s going to help us if we have a problem? The answer we found was Michael Graham’s Outlander Society. Not only do they handle all the above questions but introduced us to a great group of fellow travelers who are fun, have similar interests, and many have become real friends who help make travel a wonderful experience. We highly recommend them to our friends who want to make travel an exciting experience, with great people with a great travel society. “


My son Michael and his wife Kelly accompany us and make sure everything goes exactly as it should and every detail is taken care of. No one worries about anything.  (Except Michael—he is not the worry, he is the worrier) Kelly finds wonderful restaurants in these areas.

“The Outlanders group is very rewarding! Travel with strangers who become immediate “life friends” is the most amazing component of this group. Travel is without angst! All questions anticipated and answered in a very positive manner. The extra touches are beyond measurement.” 

“When I retired from my Dental Practice, we wanted to visit the great rivers of Europe. We were some of the first Outlanders to join on river cruises.   The Outlanders are a group of folks that mix well and share many ideas. This picture was taken on the hill side of the town Menaggio, on Lake Como. Meeting and making new friends is always a Highlight of our trips. Of course there Is ample time For relaxation”” – LARRY & PAT L.

What qualifies:  

In order to join the Outlanders  you will need an Outlander to sponsor you. There is usually an interview.  Because we want the group to remain harmonious, it is important that everyone feels comfortable in the group.  The Rules are : There are no grumpy folks nor are politics discussed.  Telling outlandish stories can be an asset, but be careful, lol…

Where have we been: 

2015:  Bernina Train through the Swiss Alps Mountain..  Loved the stop at Lake Como.  Then a week on a Uniworld River cruise, exploring Venice and the Po River. 

2016: Viking Grand European river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest.

2017 : British Isles cruise on the Celebrity.

2018:  Oceania Cruise to Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Isles.

2018:  Paris  the AmaWaterways Amalyra on the Seine River to visit Normandy, and Monet’s gardens.. 

2019:  Small ship Tauck cruise on Windstar to the Greek Isles.

Always pre and post trips available.

On our website, you will find slideshows of all the trips above!

Where are we going 

July 2021 African Safari with Tauck for 12 days.  This is limited to 25 guests, and there is an option extension to go Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda afterwards

November 2021 Treasures of Egypt and Jordan for 13 days with Tauck

April 2022  Favors of Portugal and Spain.  This is a 14 day trip, including a 7 night river cruise on AmaWaterways

November 2022 Riches of the Mekong  

Please visit to find out more about these upcoming journeys.   

”Always fun to travel with the Outlanders. A great group of people and it’s a treat to see familiar faces at meals and to share information over a glass of wine about the adventures of the day. A real added bonus is having Michael and Kelly host our trips. Not only are they fun traveling companions, but they take care of every detail and often add an unexpected event to the already interesting itinerary. “


Next step

Decide if you would like to join us.  If you would, find a member to sponsor you.  Schedule an interview with Michael Graham at –  or if you know another member of the Society, ask if they will stand for you. If you love to travel and enjoy being with friends, we would love for you to come join us on one of our future trips.

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