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OceanSky takes you on a pioneering expedition to the North Pole, and as the first hybrid aircraft, to ever land on the North Pole, we will together make history. History that serves for a greater good, to introduce lighter-than-air technology into the aviation industry.

Watch the recording of our July 22, 2020 Webinar on this exciting travel opportunity for our July 2023 Trip!

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In order for new, ultra-efficient technologies such as Lighter-Than-Air technology, electric airplanes and alternatives to Jet A1 fuel to be able to go from prototype level to market. OceanSky focuses on the high-end experiential travel market, a sector of the travel industry that continues to exceed expectations in growth. 

This sector can fund, drive and implement new, energy-efficient, more sustainable technologies.

Many MGA Travel advisors are experienced polar travelers, having been to Antarctica and the Arctic.

We already have clients reserved with coveted spots on OceanSky for the North Pole Landing, and we look forward to assisting you with this amazing adventure. 

We believe that travel is an investment, and we are Travel Investment Advisors. Please set an appointment below to discuss this trip of a lifetime




The Nordic offers mysterious atmospherical phenomena that only occurs above certain latitudes. The earth’s axis and the magnetic field, cause these beautiful and spectacular displays of nature.


Breaking new ground is to choose to venture into the unknown, and learn things no one can teach us. 

Adventure is to go beyond our limits in order to evolve.


Our common history and our shared stories is what tie us together. 

Great achievements of the past build strong bridges between people and cultures and inspire a bold future.


We will visit the arctic without a footprint, without a mark in the snow, without interference with nature. 

A quiet visit with humble respect of the sensitive nature and wildlife of the North Pole.

Ocean Sky CTE Talk July 2020 : North Pole Expedition '23

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