Our Team

This agency is built on an A-Team of experienced, award-winning professionals who share a passion for travel and excellence.

From left to right: Joan, Peachey, Troy, Kelly, Michael, Jane, Tom, Marge, & Elyse 

The MGA Travel Team share these core beliefs:


Deliver well on our promises, meet our obligations, exceed expectations and excel in life.


Travel is an investment and we help our clients invest wisely by providing them with expert advice, added value, professional planning, caring, and advocacy.


Add peace and harmony to the world...one traveler at a time.

Every Member brings their own expertise.

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Troy Montenery, MBA, VTA

High End Travel 843-279-0310 - Troy@MGATravel.com

Tom Mugno

Travel Clubs 843-279-0310 - Tom@MGATravel.com

Jane McDonagh, VTA

High End Travel 970-444-5057 - Jane@MGATravel.com

Kristen Trevey, CLTS

Group Travel 843-279-0310 - Kristen@MGATravel.com

Elyse Monroe, VTA

General Manager 843-279-0310 - Elyse@MGATravel.com

Peachey, Joan, Marge

Reception/Admin 843-279-0310 - Office@MGATravel.com

Unlike Orbot, the MGA Travel Team takes pride in:

Bon Voyage, Travel Hero!