About MGA Travel

Our Travel Investment Advisors are experts in 
balancing your nest eggs with bucket lists

We believe that travel is an investment and if you do as well, our advisors can serve you well. If you are looking for something cheap and a mediocre experience, please look somewhere else - that's not what we do - because price doesn't matter if you don't come home happy! 

Travel is an investment:
our advisors plan better so you travel smarter. We are award winning travel investment advisors that provide  good advice, added value, professional planning, caring and advocacy.

Luxury Travel

MGA Travel also provides individual luxury travel services, including river cruises, safaris, expeditions, and world cruises. "We are the buyer's agent for affluent travelers and group leaders. They benefit from our expertise by receiving an authentic experience at a good value. We do it because we love designing and delivering authentic experiences for clients as much as we enjoy experiencing them ourselves."

Even though we seek out the best pricing, please note we are not a price shopping service. We find our clients prioritize value and unique experiences over price alone - which is actually a great definition of the word "luxury."

We do provide quotes as part of our consultation process.  So, use our live interactive calendar and  set a time convenient for you to make an appointment to see or speak with one of our experienced advisors. You will discover what it means to add service and genuine caring to your travel experience.

Group Travel

Our A-team of Travel Investment Advisors focuses on luxury and group travel, ensuring your group will receive more value, stress-free planning, and a better vacation. 

Group travel offers security, opportunities to make new friends, share experiences and have more fun!  Find out more about group benefits here.

Not part of an existing group? Anyone can join one of our Hosted Trips, where individual travelers can book right into our group space and reap the benefits. 

So you don't have to go it alone - join us and you will find why it's more enjoyable to travel with someone you know.

Our agency is a firm of professional Travel Investment Advisors that after a free initial consultation, will advise you of any professional fees that may apply to your vacation should you wish to proceed.                       

We share these core beliefs:


Deliver well on our promises, meet our obligations, exceed expectations and excel.


Protect our client’s travel investment with expert advice, added value, professional planning, and advocacy.


Add peace and harmony to the world one traveler at a time.