11 Questions to Ask when Booking a River Cruise

  1. If you are working with a travel agency, ask if they (or a consortia they belong to) has group space on the sailing you wish to go on?
  1. Have you received any emails or mailings with special Promo codes for the brand(s) that you are interested in?
  1. Have you attended a recent webinar or show by the cruise line or agency that has a Show Special that can be added?
  2. Is there any applicable on board credit from any membership or affiliation you may have?
  1. Are you a past passenger, and do you get a loyalty discount?
  1. Are you a referrer or have you been referred, and do you get a referral discount?  Hint: Find one!
  1. Can the final payment date be extended? (This is especially an issue with Viking, they normally want payment in full a full year or longer in most cases).  If you have multiple bookings or there is a current promo, 6 months out  may be possible).
  1. If the departure is relatively close in, ask if there are any special codes, special offers, or a sale that would apply to this sailing?
  1. If the cruise line is providing air, Is there a charge for air deviations or custom air? (With Viking in particular, see if Viking Air Plus can be added (usually $50 per person for river cruises).  
  1. What pre/posts are available?  These are usually removable without cost up until the final date; but have limited capacity and may not be available later – so add them now even if you are not sure).
  1. If an option, which direction should I take?

Photo: Michael & Kelly Graham in front of Uniworld’s River Countess. They were escorting a group on the cruise and then on to a private rail journey though the alps.

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