Space Travel with Space Perspective

MGA Travel partners with Space Perspective to provide the most affordable and sustainable space tourism available today. Space Perspective is the world’s first luxury spaceflight experience company,
inviting more people than ever before to experience a thrilling new perspective that only space can provide. Escorted to the edge of space inside Spaceship Neptune’s pressurized capsule propelled by a high-performance SpaceBalloon™, the ultra-comfortable, accessible, and gentle six-hour journey redefines space travel.

Yes, you can visit the edge of space with wifi, a bar, and a bathroom! Relatively affordable at $125,000 per seat on this 8 seat space capsule.

If you’d like a private departure and reserve the full capsule for a private dinner for 2 for your milestone occasion. Or make your own exclusive group of up 8 friends and family!

2025 Flights: Deposit for individual traveler is $25,000 per Explorer, and for charters of 8, $20,000 per Explorer. 2026 and beyond have lower deposits, please see below. Once a deposit has been placed, not only your spot will be secured, but also the price will be locked in.

Want to go?

To sign up you can fill out our Secure Payment Form and authorize your deposit with the trip description of “Space Perspective”. If you have questions please contact us at 843.279.0310 or See Pricing & Availability above.

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