Special Needs

by Mary Graham

What are your travel dreams? If you are ready for excitement, something new, exotic places, we can help. Twenty percent (20%) of travelers today have special needs. Many more want to travel but are not sure if they can or how to make it happen.

Special needs are not only for those with a disability. You may need a little extra help walking long distances (ships and airports can be very long walks). You may have a temporary disability from pre/post surgery, falls, etc. Sometimes traveling alone with small children can require extra help, or perhaps you have special dietary needs.

Don’t let this prevent you from taking that trip!

Special Needs is also for persons with disabilities. The majority of these people have mobility issues. There are many different needs, and many different available solutions. Please see the FAQ at the end of this page.

MGA has several travel advisors trained to help you meet these needs. 

They can help advise you on meeting your needs whether transporting you and your mobility equipment, renting equipment , to finding accessible hotels, resorts and helping find which cruise ship will best meet your needs.

Planning is important for any traveler. This is especially so if you need an accessible room, rental equipment, special transportation or if planning excursions. Because you want your trip to be perfect and stress free , it is very important to make plans as early as possible.
Because accessible cabins are limited, it is very important to book early.

Always, Always, Always get insurance. This is important for any traveler but more so for those with special needs. Your advisor will help you find which will be your best choice.

MGA Travel is there for you. They want your trip to be one made just for you. With their help you can have the courage, imagination, and trust to go see what the world has to offer, and know all your special needs are taken care of.

Please ask questions that are not included and we will help you find an answer.


The Department of Transportation has a Bill of Rights for passengers with special needs.

Your agent will call ahead and make sure you have a wheelchair to take you to every gate. You can have wheelchair access to the aircraft door, and even an aisle chair to your seat, if needed. Bathrooms are not usually very accessible on planes, but most airports have accessible bathrooms where you can take a helper with you. 

EXPLORE. LIVE YOUR LIFE. CALL YOUR AGENT. GO!!Many people who find themselves confined to or in need of a mobile device, are unwilling to go outside of their comfort zones. You have been given challenges. And with a knowledgeable agent, you can meet them. Do not let the fact that you have some limited issues stop you from enjoying and living life to its fullest. Go out. Explore. Enjoy life. Live. There are so many available devices and products to make the trip possible now. They are not a source of confinement, but a source to enjoy life to its fullest! 

Mary Graham

I don't let this prevent me from taking that trip!

Many pathways in Europe are rough. I like to take a thick pillow for my wheelchair or scooter….and some rides are better than Disney!

Getting down to the water via a “lift” for a river cruise in Budapest.