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Independent Travel Advisor

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A little bit about Bill

Bill is originally from North East Ohio where he grew up one block from Lake Erie. Being so close to the lake, Bill was an avid water skier, and enjoyed sailing.

He is now paying for that part of his life by being a frequent visitor to the local dermatologist.

After High School, Bill attended Kent State University in Ohio and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. If you have heard of it, it is probably because of the infamous riots in 1970 protesting the Vietnam war, and Yes, he was attending at the time.

Ironically, shortly after graduating, he enlisted in the Ohio National Guard where he served for six years. This was prompted after receiving a letter from the United States Draft Board. 

After surviving all of that, he went on to multi-store management where he instilled in all employees the importance of excellent customer service.  He worked for such companies as Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts, Zayre Department Stores, American Greetings and 7-Eleven Stores. 
Bill is married to Nancy. They have been together for over 40 years and have two children. Devon and Sean and two grandchildren, Ava and Luca.  During this time, they lived in Maryland until 2014 when they moved to Murrells Inlet, SC.  

Devon, along with her husband Jeff & daughter, Ava moved down to Mount Pleasant shortly after. Luca was born in 2020. Their Son, Sean and his wife Courtney live in Delaware near the beach.   Grandkids are shown just below!

Nancy worked for Jo-Ann Fabrics as a district manager in Ohio, and then as district manager for the House of Fine Fabrics in Washington DC., which is where Bill and Nancy met. When the children were young, Nancy stayed home with them. After that, Nancy worked at the University of Maryland, and then was recruited to Sun Microsystems which became part of Oracle Corporation. Nancy retired in 2019 from Oracle after more than twenty years.

While Bill and Nancy were living in Maryland, they decided to go to Italy, and thought what fun it would be to go with friends, and with a group of 16, they led the group on a marvelous adventure. It was such a success, they decided to do the same thing a couple of years later, this time going to France and exploring Paris, and the South of France.

Once they moved down to South Carolina, they were fortunate enough to meet Michael and Kelly Graham at one of their seminars.

Having never been on a cruise, they decided to go to Greece & Turkey on the Windstar that Michael and Kelly hosted. That was in September of 2019. That was it for them, they loved the idea of unpacking once and cruising to the next port while they slept, after a full day of adventure, great food and new friends.

They have since been on several cruises seeing such places as Great Britain & Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, Australia and New Zealand along with some others.

When Bill heard that Michael had a need for a travel advisor, he jumped at the chance to be able to share with others the joy of cruising and seeing places only imagined.   

Stonehenge with Oeania Cruises

Bill is part of the A-Team.  You can set an appointment to talk travel with him here.
    Email him at bill@mgatravel.com or call him at 843-279-0310