Cruise Registration Tips

Online registration typically opens 90 days prior to your cruise departure
and usually needs to be completed no later than 3 days prior to sailing. 

When you're ready to register for your cruise, Please visit the Registration Page

Here are some important Action 
Items and Things to Know:    

If you have more than 1 confirmation number (such as with multiple cabins), you will need to register / check-in EACH confirmation number.  

If another party is registering theirs, please make sure they have that information.

Important Items and Things to Know

Important Items to Note

If you have more than one confirmation number (e.g. multiple cabins), register online/check-in for EACH confirmation number. 

Cruise Line Online Check In

Please visit the Registration Page of your cruise line.

You will need to provide the following information during on-line check in. 

  • Verify guest information (first and last names, date of birth, gender) 
  • Provide guest details for all guests, including address, country of residence, phone number(s), email address (for cruise-day communication)
  • Based on age, women will be asked about their pregnancy status. See specific your cruise line for the sailing while pregnant policy.
  • Emergency contact information for each guest (first/last name, relationship, address, phone number) 
  • Citizenship information, including passport details (passport number, issue and expiration dates, country of citizenship). For more specific information about citizenship, see your cruise line web page.
  • Setup your onboard expense account with a major credit or debit card for all cabin passengers. Most cruise lines operate a cashless system for onboard service charges and expenses. You will still need an onboard account even if your service charges have been prepaid. Some cruise lines accept cash during the boarding process for this account; major credit cards are the preferred payment method. Please see your specific cruise line web page for terms and conditions and payment methods accepted.
  • You may select a check-in time or your check-in time will be assigned.
  • Read the cruise ticket contract, accept cruise ticket contract terms and conditions.
  • Print your check-in summary, print all boarding passes (these are required for boarding), and print your luggage tags. Securely affix luggage tags to all luggage that you intend to give to the porter at the port. It’s a good idea to reinforce the paper tags with clear packing tape or purchase see-through luggage tags to insert your luggage tags in to.

Online registration other “things to do”:

  • Book onboard shows and entertainment
  • Pre-purchase: shore excursions, onboard tours (such as “Behind the Scenes” tours), beverage (alcohol, non-alcohol, coffee) and dining packages, spa treatments/fitness services, internet packages, photo packages, and onboard gifts, etc.
  • If you are traveling with children, you may also be able to pre-register your child for the Kid’s Program, and pre-sign waivers for various activities such as climbing walls, ropes course, etc. for children and adults alike.
  • Optional: sign-up for the cruise line’s loyalty program to begin earning points toward loyalty stages.

Travel Documentation

While you may be technically able to travel with a raised seal birth certificate and REAL ID on cruises that leave and return to the United States with stops in other countries, it is NOT recommended. We strongly recommend bringing your passport.

Verify all passenger names on reservations match EXACTLY names as listed on passports – nicknames are not allowed. If you have a suffix listed on your passport, the suffix needs to be listed on your reservation (Jr., Sr.). If names do not match exactly, you could have difficulty boarding or even be denied boarding. Contact your travel agent as soon as possible if there is a discrepancy. 

Obtain a U.S. Passport Here:

  • Remember to order a Passport Book for international travel by air, sea, or land. A passport book is recommended for cruises departing out all ports.
  • A Passport Card cannot be used for international air travel; however, the passport card is REAL ID compliant and may be used for domestic air travel. More information visit  ( ) about the differences between a passport book and a passport card.

Obtain required Visas well in advance of your cruise departure.

Airline Check-In

Visit the airline website 24 hours before your flight to check-in, obtain your boarding pass, and pre-pay for baggage fees. Verify baggage allowance (size and weight limitations).  

Sometimes airlines offer savings if you pre-purchase the baggage fees. Check the credit card on which you paid for your flights, as you may be eligible for complimentary baggage fees or other in-flight amenities. 

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is highly recommended for all travel. Your agent will provide a travel insurance quote for you at the time you make your deposit.

Why insurance? (  

Special Needs

Do you or does anyone in your party have any special needs: medical (including CPAP machines), physical, or dietary (food allergies, intolerances)? If so, please inform your agent at time of booking so they can communicate this information to the cruise line. If you intend to bring a CPAP machine onboard, your agent needs to inform the cruise line and you may need to pre-purchase distilled water and bring a qualifying extension cord.

If anyone in your party would benefit from a scooter or wheelchair rental your agent is happy to make arrangements on your behalf.

Additionally, please inform your agent if you or someone in your party would benefit from mobility assistance to/from the port. 


Are you celebrating any special occasions while onboard? Please let your agent know the date of the celebration.