Guarding your Smartphone’s PIN

While traveling, you should be especially vigilant…but also in your hometown it is smart to take precautions.

You may have heard about a novel way people are stealing smartphones. One of the thieves monitors people using their phones and waits until a user enters their PIN and they record the PIN.

Then another will steal or rob the phone from you. They enter the PIN and disable find my iphone and change the PIN and account info so you cannot access or disable it remotely.

Their next step is to drain bank accounts etc that are in your phone apps.

Here is what happened to one person:

There are a few things you can do to protect against this:

1) use face recognition to unlock your phone and avoid using the PIN

2) if you must use your PIN be discreet about it

3) on any apps that have any financial access or important data you should already have 2 step verification turned on. Unfortunately if they have your phone and your pin, they will be able to get the 2 step code and verify

4) on an iPhone, change this setting:

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