Guide to Using the Princess MedallionClass app

MedallionClass app

At the moment, you cannot use the Medallion app to purchase excursions or spa appointments. To do this, you can use Princess’s Cruise Personalizer website.

To use the MedallionClass app for check-in process you will need:
— booking number
— have your passport handy
— download the app in your phone’s app store


If you already have an online account with Princess, you may enter your Princess username & password to sign in with the app. Then, if the Winter Heart 2022 cruise doesn’t show up automatically, you can tap the person icon in the top left corner, tap the + icon on the left side under “My Journeys” and link the cruise by entering your booking number. Once it is linked you will see “Your dream vacation starts in…” countdown at the top of the app’s home screen. If you do not already have a Princess account you can Sign Up using the app. Thirdly, you can choose the Quick Access option and access the cruise with your booking number. All three options will be presented when you first open the app on your phone.

MedallionClass for PC / Mac / Windows 7.8.10 - Free Download -

Next, you will follow the steps below to check in for the cruise. These steps are found in the OceanReady->Travel Checklist section of your cruise.

Pre Cruise Internet Purchase - Princess Cruises - Cruise Critic Community

–> Tap “Travel Checklist” 
—-> Tap “Personal Information & Documents
——> “Personal Information“: please complete all sections with an asterisk *
——> “Passage Contract & COVID-19 Risk Notification of Acceptance“: check both boxes and tap “Accept”
——> “Travel Documents“: Tap “Add Required Documents for Travel” and then tap “Passport.” You can either take a photo of your passport or manually enter your passport information by typing it in
——> “Security Photo“: this photo will be referenced by staff when you board. You can upload an existing photo from your gallery or take one with your phone’s camera
——> “Profile Photo“: this photo is for social purposes–it will display in your app and this photo is what your friends will see when they use the app to find you
——> “MedallionPay – Add Payment”: enter a payment method to have on file
——> “Emergency Contact” fill this in
——> “Emergency Return Airport” fill this in
——> “Travel Information” don’t worry about this
——> “Celebrating a Milestone?” not required but you may fill it in if you are celebrating a special occasion
——> “Health Status
——–>Health Documentation: check Yes that you are fully vaccinated
——–> Health Assessment *this will need to be completed when we are <24 hrs out from sailing
——> “Choose your Medallion Wearable” fill this out and Princess will mail your complimentary medallion & lanyard to your home as we near sailing. If this is not completed at least 12 days before sailing, you can still pick up your medallion when boarding. You can also choose to customize your medallion & accessories (for an added cost) or purchase accessories onboard.

Once you have completed all of the above, your arrival status should change from “Blue Lane” to “Green Lane” which means expedited boarding. Under “Travel Checklist” in the “OceanReady Profile” section of the app, you will now have completed the first 3/5 sections: Personal Information & Documents, Choose your Medallion wearable, and MedallionPay. Don’t worry about #4 “Arrival & Departure Groups” as we will manage that. #5 “Health Status” will need to be completed within 24 hrs of embarkation so we will do that later. You should now be checked in!
That is all you need to do with the app for now. However, for those who are interested, there’s a lot more you can do with the app. Please see below for a full summary of the app’s uses.


OceanReady *”Blue Lane” status will change to “Green Lane” once check-in is complete
>Travel Checklist: this is what you completed above for check-in
>Safety Essentials: this section contains your muster station & safety procedures
>MedallionNet: onboard Wifi internet, 1-device/person plan included in our cruise
>My Preferences:
–>Persona: check categories of activities you enjoy, favorite things, characteristics
–>Dining: add food allergies, dietary restrictions (egg, fish, milk, peanut, shellfish, soybean, treenut, wheat, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, pescatarian, alcohol free, dairy intolerance, diabetic, kosher) as well as dining pace (slow, relaxed, fast) and table preferences (close to window, no preference, accessible table, entrance)
–>Accessibility: hearing impaired / vision impaired / in-cabin amenities
–> Room: bed configuration / energy saving preference / paper-free options
–> Communication: email, text preferences
–> OceanCompass: hide location or link child
>My Account
–> Personal Information: profile photo, name, address, etc.
–> My Profile: password, etc.
–> Manage Payment Methods

>JourneyView Activities Timeline: shows daily events
>Travel Companions: shows your roommate, add more people using booking #s
>Shoreside Transactions: will show purchases
>View Port Guides: *only available onboard

OceanNow – Food, Drinks & Shopping
> Dine My Way
–> Reserve for the same time each day:
–> View or book individual daily reservations: can book specialty dining
–> Order for delivery with OceanNow *onboard only
> Manage Drink Packages: we already have “Premier Beverage Package” included

MedallionPay Rewards
– can use Medallion app to make onshore purchases at shops, bars, restaurants, etc.
*earn 7% back on all shoreside MedallionPay Rewards purchases with SOME merchants
– find participating merchants at each destination

OceanCompass (find friends onboard)
> Explore the Ship

OceanView and PlayOcean
> OceanView: educational videos on Princess and their destinations
> PlayOcean: digital games
–> Tagalong: digital companion that shows up in app (customizable, good for kids)
–> Trivia on Deck: not loading
–> Games Under the Stars: *onboard only
–> Snap & Share: can take photos with Princess character & share to social media
–> Good Spirits Poker Run: *onboard only / explore bars onboard & earn cards to make poker hand / free to play

> Ocean Casino Games: *opens web browser w/ prompt to download OceanCasino app

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