“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles”

This quote is attributed to Mr. Tim Cahill, and the idea of it is the backbone of our travel group known as The Outlander Society (yes, it was called that before the show). It sums up what I love most about travel: sharing the experience.

As I write this on New Year’s Eve of 2020, it is bittersweet as we had to move all of the Outlander Society journeys to 2021 and 2022. But we found a way to do it without disrupting our other planned trips for those years. So 2020 we are glad to see you in the rear view mirror!

Group travel offers security, opportunities to make new friends, share experiences and have more fun! The Outlanders Society travels in a small group format (16-28) people for most of our trips.

The Outlander Society has only 2 simple rules:

1. No grumpy travelers 
2. No discussion of politics

To become a member, you need only be invited* to go on one of our trips and find out why it’s more enjoyable to travel in good company!  Once on the trip, simply abide by our 2 basic rules, and voilà –  you will be an Outlander! 

There is a small annual fee of $100 per family. However, the fee will be waived if you sign up for & and go on at least one Outlander Society trip for that or even adjacent calendar years.  

So you don’t have to go it alone – join us and you will find why it’s more enjoyable to travel with someone you know.

And, you can check out many of our escapades over the years here on our YouTube playlist!

As for Tim’s quote, it is so integral in our DNA that it is on our Outlander gear!

*The Outlander Society Travel Club requires invitation but you may request to apply with Michael Graham or ask another member to stand for you.

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