About Kelly Graham

Group Coordinator & Cruise Culinary Consultant

Kelly Graham

Group Coordinator 843-385-0246 Kelly@MGATravel.com

A little about me

I started traveling at a very early age as the daughter of an Air Force Officer.  One of my favorite things about traveling is learning about different cultures through foods.  Visiting marketplaces, sampling cuisine, I’ve even been so fortunate to eat food in people’s homes in other countries.  

I think the more that you travel, the more you come to realize we are all much more alike than not.  

Where do you want to go next?

Did you know Kelly is a double agent?

She is a top producing real estate agent for the Murrells Inlet area and specializes in working with retirees!  Visit www.kellyehgraham.com 
for more info!

Kelly speaking at the 2019 Cruise & Travel Expo

Kelly is part of the A-Team.  You can set an appointment to talk travel with Kelly here.
    Email her at KellyEHG@gmail.com or call her at 843-385-0246