Michael transitioning to Management Role

After many years of operating our company and simultaneously being a front-line travel advisor, Michael Graham will now move to serve in his capacity as President to better manage MGA Travel. He still will be very accessible to his clients, though other advisors will be servicing their vacations and travel.

The point of this change is that we are expanding GrahamTours and the OutlanderSociety and most of his time will be dedicated to building those programs along with directing the business and vision of MGA Travel.

This reorganization was scheduled to happen in 2020 but the pandemic, as for most, threw a curveball and caused us to spend our time helping everyone cancel and/or rebook travel.

We encourage you to book your new travel with one of our team members https://mgatravel.com/ourteam/. Instead of subscription basis they work on a professional fee basis: https://mgatravel.com/thewaywework/

Please remember that all clients are Michael’s clients as this is his business and he continues to supervise the team and make sure everyone has professionally managed travel, regardless of who on the team is servicing the client.

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