Announcement: A New Direction for MGA Travel

We are excited to announce some strategic changes to better serve our clients and the MGA Travel community. After dedicating years to the dual roles of both operating our company and serving as a front-line travel advisor, Michael Graham will now focus solely on his role as President of MGA Travel.

While this transition means Michael will no longer handle day-to-day travel bookings, his presence remains essential to the quality of service we deliver. Michael’s insights, drawn from his extensive travel experiences, will continue to benefit our clients. The dedicated advisors at MGA Travel, under Michael’s guidance, are poised to deliver unparalleled service to each traveler.

The primary driver behind this shift is our ambitious plans to expand Graham Tours and the Outlander Society. Michael’s time will predominantly be dedicated to nurturing these ventures while steering the overall vision and direction of MGA Travel. It’s worth noting that we originally intended to implement these changes in 2020; however, the global pandemic necessitated a pivot to assist our clients in navigating cancellations and rebookings.

For enthusiasts of the Outlander Society, rest assured that Michael, alongside Kelly, will continue crafting and leading unique adventures across the globe. Those wishing to embark on these journeys can rely on Michael’s personal touch for bookings.

For all other travel needs, we invite our clients to connect with our talented team: MGA Travel Team. Remember, while your primary contact may be one of our skilled advisors, every client is valued and overseen by Michael himself. His commitment to ensuring each journey is professionally managed remains unwavering.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of your travel or have queries, Michael remains approachable and eager to engage with all our clients.

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