The Orbot Story

Have you met Orbot? 

Have you met Orbot? He is the robot that wants to sell you a trip and then move to the next sale. Orbot has crunched travel down to a commodity, but he doesn’t know a good travel company from a bad travel company.

Whether Orbot lurks online or punches the clock in a call center, there is no interest in you personally. He doesn't know what you value or what kind of travel experience you desire. Orbot doesn’t really care about a vacation gone wrong, because to him you are just another number, just another travel sale to be captured.   

And where was Orbot during this pandemic? Apparently offline, leaving his customers in the cold, left hanging and on hold.

MGA Travel never closed and never stopped answering the phone. Our first action was to help get those traveling back home by successfully navigating travel restrictions and cascading flight cancellations. 

Our team remains available for our clients, helping them to interpret ever changing industry covid policies. We are a safety net for them; always at the ready to advocate on their behalf with genuine concern. MGA Travel listens to our clients and then works hard to obtain bonus travel credits, secure refunds, or reschedule travel as needed. 

The MGA Travel Team

MGA Travel is a team of actual humans that care about you and your travel experience. 

Once we get to know you, we are able to make recommendations and evaluations based on understanding what travel means to you personally. 

We are here to make sure you have a memorable vacation - memorable for the right reasons! 

We want to develop a lifelong relationship with you and maximize the value and enjoyment of each of your travel experiences. 

Unlike Orbot, who lures you in with seemingly good offers and relies on razor thin margins from supplier commissions, our fee based structure reassures clients that we represent them before, during, and after travel.

At MGA Travel we believe that travel is an investment and we help you invest wisely. Our Travel Investment Advisors care about you and we want to help you become a travel hero.

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