Scuba Diving in Roatán, Honduras

Diving with caribbean reef sharks!

The diving here was so easy that twice I completed four dives in one day. In total I did 19 total in six days! Most dive sites were ~5 minutes away, and Anthony’s Key Resort has lockers right at the dock to store your gear each day: effortless diving. We saw endangered hawksbill sea turtles, moray eels, rays, an octopus, bioluminescent plankton, and many species of fish. The geology of the ocean floor is beautiful and keeps dives interesting as you navigate ridges, drift past sea walls, and hover over sand flats.

Anthony’s Key Resort includes a small private island accessed by 24/7 boat taxi

The island is beautiful, with lush vegetation and stunning beaches. We didn’t have time for much besides scuba diving, but guests can also go snorkeling, charter fishing, kayaking, horseback riding, zip-lining, paddle boarding, or they can simply lounge in a hammock or in the pool. Our group, organized by Blue Marble Divers of Hagerstown, MD, had a mix of people with different political beliefs, and who didn’t all know each other…and we had a blast. We avoided discussing the troubles of the day, and had a great escape from the craziness of the world. We all shared a passion for diving and savoring the beauty of the ocean, and a willingness to roll with the challenges that sometimes arise while traveling.

Sunrise at our bungalow on Anthony’s Key

This trip was excellent and was an experience I’ll savor for years to come. The resort felt very safe and staff were friendly and attentive. Several of us needed to visit the medical center (which has the only hyperbaric chamber on the island) for stitches (long story) and minor ear infections. We all received great treatment by the on-site doctor. The resort owner–Julio Galindo, Jr.–greeted us and gave an impromptu behind-the-scenes tour, describing upgrades they plan to make. Anthony’s Key Resort strives to be environmentally friendly by using solar energy, eliminating single-use plastics, reef conservation efforts, selling eco-friendly sunscreens & insect repellants, hosting the Roatan Institute for Marine Studies (RIMS) and educational programs, and installation of a Bio-Microbics plant to re-use wastewater. They have been certified 100% Aware by PADI’s Project Aware initiative. Fun fact: our divemaster reported that they’ve succeeded in teaching some of the local moray eels to hunt invasive lion fish.

Surface interval at West Bay Beach

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