5 Mistakes to Avoid When Booking a River Cruise

Frequent mistake #1:  Not understanding the various advertising gimmicks. Cruise line promotions can be confusing and misleading, and river cruises are no exception.   

Frequent mistake #2: Forgetting to ask the 11 must-ask questions.

Photo by the author in 2019 of the Avalon Impression

Frequent mistake #3:  Not enlisting professional assistance.  Consider working with a good travel advisor.

Be Aware: Did you know that booking a Viking River Cruise has some unique mistakes to avoid?  Here is just one: accepting the free or reduced air without getting Viking Air Plus.

Frequent mistake #4:  For your destination (and river), are you selecting the wrong time of year  to go?  For example, August in certain parts of Europe is the prime vacation time for locals, and certain “must-see” shops, attractions, and restaurants may be closed.   

Frequent mistake #5: Selecting a poor cabin location…is your room likely to experience vibrations or engine noise?  Is it under the running track or exercise area?  Is it in too close proximity to certain public areas on board?   Is it the wrong type of cabin for you?

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