About Michael W. Graham

I believe that Time is our most precious commodity and we must spend it wisely.  Travel is an investment, and I am a well-traveled Travel Investment Advisor.

It is my hope that more people travel because when we travel we realize that, while governments may differ, we are all one people. And when we realize that, it fosters more peace and harmony among all of us. And that is something this world desperately needs.

The best value my agency can bring you is the optimization of your most valuable asset: time.  What you want is an authentic experience directed by insider knowledge. Our clients are engaged in all levels of travel - check the testimonials - but they are not having to search for the "best of" because we have already certified it. 

Michael is the author of the River Cruise Bible , available at fine bookstores.   For him to plan your travel personally, he is hired by a retainer program that has a limited number of participants.

Michael Graham, CTIE, VTA, ACC

843-279-0310 - Michael@MGATravel.com

As the President of MGA Travel, this business is a labor of love derived from my fantastic journeys over the past 35 years. 

I have visited 70+ countries, all 7 continents, and hundreds of cities. In addition to many other methods of travel, I have sailed on over 30 ocean & river cruises, and on virtually every brand.

I have had the pleasure of personally guiding many organizations around the world across 50+ countries, by sea and by land. 

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Michael Graham, a CTIE, ACC, and VTA certified expert, is available to give travel talks at consumer, trade, and corporate events - either in person or virtually.

My success is from the grace of God. I work hard to demonstrate that every day.  Certainly I can't do it alone - meet our team.

Michael receiving the Pacesetter Award in Bali, May 2017.  Left: Chris Besendorfer, VP of US Customer Experience, Amex; Center: Michael, Right: Claire Bennett, Executive VP, Global Travel and Lifestyle Services, Amex.

Michael is part of the A-Team.  You can set an appointment to talk travel with him here. 
Email him at michael@mgatravel.com or call him at 843-279-0310