Michael W. Graham

In our transient world, time stands as our most treasured asset. Embodying this sentiment, I lead a team of dedicated Travel Investment Advisors, ensuring every journey returns dividends in experience and perspective.

I am deeply rooted in the conviction that travel binds us. It transcends borders, bridging the gaps between cultures and revealing a shared humanity. Amidst our world's complexities, the act of traveling sows seeds of harmony and understanding, elements the modern world hungers for.

At our agency, we don't just sell travel; we curate time. Authentic experiences, sculpted with insider expertise, ensure our clients immerse themselves wholly without trawling through endless "best of" lists. Their testimonials speak to the unparalleled experiences we offer.

✈️ 90 Countries in 445 foreign cities
🌏 7 Continents & ⛵️380 Cruise Nights 

Michael's book, the River Cruise Bible is available at 
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Spanning over three and a half decades, my sojourns have taken me through more than half of the world's countries, and on every continent at least twice. From luxury sailings to river cruises, my modes of exploration are as varied as the places they've taken me to. Beyond my individual expeditions, I have the unique privilege of guiding the Outlander Society in their global odysseys, both terrestrial and marine. My role? To steer our company with unwavering passion and mentor our advisors, ensuring our clients benefit from the combined depth of our experiences.

Gratitude anchors me - to my supportive family, my indomitable team, the benevolence of the Divine, and the lessons from each stumble along the way.

Speaking & Engagements:
For trade guidance or corporate motivational travel discussions, inquire about my availability.

I was honored with the American Express Pacesetter Award at the Bali Ritz-Carlton in May 2017, a testament to the industry's recognition of our commitment.
Left: Chris Besendorfer, VP of US Customer Experience, Amex; Center: Michael, Right: Claire Bennett, Executive VP, Global Travel and Lifestyle Services, Amex.  

Michael is part of the A-Team.  You can set an appointment to talk travel with him here. 
Email him at michael@mgatravel.com or call him at 843-279-0310