River Cruise Bible

Michael W. Graham, president of MGA Travel, wrote a book called the River Cruise Bible – Understanding the differences among river cruises & finding the right one for you – 2021 Edition.

Dreaming of the perfect trip and executing the perfect trip are two very, very different things. With this book, Michael Graham has distilled decades of experience to help his readers become not only well-prepared river cruisers, but exuberant, joyful travelers regardless of their method. It’s a thoughtful, unbelievably detailed labor of love from one of the most diligent, professional and genuinely kind people I know. Before you take your first river cruise, or your 20th… you should read this book.

– Mary Murrin, veteran river cruise director and godmother of the rivership m/s Joy

This is your guide to finding the river cruise that is exactly right for you. From Europe to Asia to the USA, there are many different cruise lines, often with vastly different pricing. The River Cruise Bible gives comprehensive comparisons between the major river cruise lines and explains what they share in common and how they differ. Arm yourself with this book to save money and ensure the best experience when booking your cruise. You will find out how to navigate tricky advertising gimmicks, which is the best river, how to properly book a river cruise, mobility options—and you’ll learn the eleven must-ask questions. Not only will this book help you spend your hard-earned savings wisely, it will help you find the right fit and experience for your particular needs. You don’t want to be on the wrong cruise in the wrong cabin on the wrong river—that’s the opposite of a vacation, and you don’t want an unhappy travel companion! Instead, pick up valuable insights from the River Cruise Bible, and book the RIGHT cruise. After your return, your friends will love hearing stories of the life-changing moments you encountered. You will smile as you realize that your amazing adventure was worth every single penny, and that you have spent your time wisely as well. Back home, bonds created during your shared river cruise experience have made life better than ever.

About the Author, Michael W. Graham

Michael Graham is the President of MGA Travel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He is a father, speaker, travel investment advisor, and author who gives travel talks around the country at consumer, trade, and corporate events. Michael and his wife Kelly are avid travelers, having visited over 90 countries, all 7 continents, and hundreds of cities. Michael believes that river cruising is one of the best ways to see the world, and his unique expertise comes from having sailed on nearly all of the various cruise lines himself, and from booking millions of dollars of river cruises for his clients. Michael firmly believes that travel is a way for people to open up and connect to one another, supporting world peace and harmony.


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